In 1974 we adopted production close to the market method and got started on salt production service as private company in district of Serdivan in Sakarya. We always prioritized the service to our clients by means of following closely the developing production technologies and the changing market conditions and increasing product quality.

In 1998 we became a family corporation under the name of OZYIL SALT COMPANY.

We carry on our services in many areas including food, health, industry sector, etc. with salt types and continue our activities domestic and abroad with the principles labor, experience, confidence by serving our clients on time and combining our labor with years of experience.

Our Certificates

Salt Production

Salt Production is one of the easiest ways of mineral extraction. The most common salt production method is to evaporate salt water in saline. This evaporation method is applied commonly in dry and hot areas.

Salt Lamps

A salt lamp in 2-3 kg makes the air of a 10 m2 room cleaner at 300%, if it reaches the necessary temperature.