Cheese Salt

For the brining process you can use our cheese salt, which is produced in 2-4 mm, 4-6 mm, 7-9 mm or in size which you wish. Marine, lake or rock salt… Whichever you prefer… In addition that our rafined granular salt, which is made of rock salt specially not to deposit in cheese production, give perfect results.

Olive Salts

At your home or in your company you can brine olives with Marmara Salt. Our coarse brine salts with packings in various weights are the best choice for this.

Dried Nuts Salt

Food industry salts are produced according to form of dried nuts salt and your preference. Particle sizes of food industry salts are various for dried nuts salt form or demand. In this sector our rafined powder salt helps you to get products with special salt particle sizes.

Bakery Products Salt

As you know, salt is an indispensable part of bakery product ingredients. With various sized salts you can flavor your bakery products including breads, bagels, biscuits, etc.

Leather Salts

Leather Salts are natural salts, which are specially produced, used for leather of bovines and ovines in order not to spoil because of the bacteria in leathers.

Textile Salts

Textile is another area on which salt is commonly used. The salt, which is used in the processes of textile finishing and coloring, is produced specially zero-hardness and gives perfect results with this speciality.

Meat Products Salt

Salt is a part of processes, which are leaded to get sausage, salami, etc and prepared to be used in various sizes.

Tomato Sauce – Ketchup Salt

Salt, which is used in the production process of tomato sauce and ketchup as preservative and flavoring, has various sizes to be used.

Salt in Chemistry

Salt has a common area of usage in chemistry sector because of the fact that it is cheap, easy to reach and used in the sector with its chemical characteristics. It can be produced as your speciality demand.

Salt for Soap

We present salt in various sizes, which you can use for soap production, according to your demand.

Sesame Salts

Salt is used also in the husking process of sesame. We suggest for this process our natural salts.

Metallurgy Salt

Salt is used also in metallurgy processes including smelting, thermal treatment, shaping. Marmara Salt presents the optimal choices for your need in this sector.

Salt Production

Salt Production is one of the easiest ways of mineral extraction. The most common salt production method is to evaporate salt water in saline. This evaporation method is applied commonly in dry and hot areas.

Salt Lamps

A salt lamp in 2-3 kg makes the air of a 10 m2 room cleaner at 300%, if it reaches the necessary temperature.